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Art on the Line 2024

Members of Fleet Art Society are once again invited to join in this 2-day outdoor painting event at stations along the Watercress Line on July 20th and 21st.  Further details will be sent by email to members in due course.

Spring Exhibition, May 3rd - 12th at The Hart Centre, Fleet

Our exhibition at the Hart Shopping Centre looked impressive and had a steady stream of visitors throughout, with many commenting on the variety of styles and subject matter and skill of the artists.  Sales were good and 10% of proceeds will be donated to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice along with the money raised in the raffle (see below). There was also the popular 'Favourite Painting' vote for visitors.  The winning painting was 'Bay of Tranquility' by Noel Kendall and in joint second place were Jodie Hunt with 'Iggy' and Christine Francis with 'Take Me Home'.  Well done to all!


Thank you to all the artists who took part and the Committee and other members who organised and set it all up.

Bay of tranquility.JPG

Bay of Tranquility by Noel Kendall

take me home.JPEG

Iggy by Jodie Hunt

Take Me Home by Christine Francis

spring 241.jpg
spring 243.jpg
spring 245.jpg
spring 244.jpg

Scenes from an exhibition

spring 24.JPG

Donation made to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

Many thanks to all Fleet Art Society members and our exhibition visitors - from our raffles and sales at exhibitions and demonstrations, we are very proud to have recently donated £2,000 to Phyllis Tuckwell and our donation was matched by Phyllis Tuckwell Match Donors and grossed up to £4,000.  On 20th May 2024 we received this note from the PT Fundraising Group:

Hi Fleet Art Society!

A huge thank you for this amazingly generous donation!

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care

It's not our hospice, it's YOURS!

The lucky winners of the Raffle Spring 2024 were: 1st prize, Helen Kendall, who won a John Lewis voucher and 2nd prize, Simon Gornall, who received a bottle of wine donated by Waitrose.  The photo shows one of our visitors picking out the winning tickets.


On-line Painting Competition June 2024

The winner of the painting competition on the theme of 'Movement' was Maggie Richmond, with her stunning wave painting and runner-up was David Vass with the pony and trap.  Congratulations to both! The competition was strong, with many excellent paintings submitted.

The theme for the next on-line competition is 'Gorgeous Green', which could be interpreted in many ways.  So, why not have a go? Details of how to send in your painting are in the June FASWord.


June D.JPG
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