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Outdoor Painting/Sketching Days 2023

Rye Common Lodge, June 24th 2023

On a scorching hot summer day, 9 brave individuals searched for shade to set up their easels and stools.  Luckily there was plenty in this beautiful setting, the home of our Membership Secretary, Amanda and her husband, John.  Some stunning work was achieved (see below), perhaps helped by Amanda's treat of freshly baked scones, jam and clotted cream!  We were also greeted enthusiastically by her tribe of golden retrievers, including one of the recent puppies.  We all had a very enjoyable and productive day.

PHOTO-2023-06-25-11-00-16 (3).jpg
PHOTO-2023-06-25-11-00-16 (4).jpg
PHOTO-2023-06-25-11-00-16 (2).jpg
PHOTO-2023-06-25-11-00-16 (6).jpg

'Art on the Line' July 8th/9th 2023

Some of our members attended 'Art on the Line' and although they had a few showers the weather was good enough to do some sketches and paintings.  It was also an opportunity to meet other like-minded artists from the Alton and Alresford societies and exchange experiences.  This outdoor painting event is being repeated in 2024, on 20th and 21st July.  So, save the date, come along and join in!  Here are just a few photos, paintings and sketches from last year by our members.  

Ropley 5.jpg
Ropley 2.jpg
CJH Artwork, Impressions of Ropley station a a s - Copy.jpg
Ropley 1.jpg
CJH Artwork, Starting signal at Ropley a s - Copy.jpeg

Elvetham Heath Pond, 15th September 2023

Not much of a turnout for the evening outdoor sketching and painting session on the 15th September, but here are a couple of pictures by 2 members that attended.  Hopefully, next year we will attract more members to give it a try.

Elvetham H pond by Paul Rougier.jpg
Elvetham Heath pond 23.jpg
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