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Sharon Hurst

12th February 2022

On Saturday 12th February 49 members of the Fleet Art Society enjoyed a Zoom demonstration by Sharon Hurst.  Sharon is always enthusiastic and has plenty of new and exciting ideas.  The subject was Glastonbury Tor, which she started off painting in watercolour.  She used a fairly new colour from Daniel Smith called Cascade Green, also an iredescent gold for the foreground, a quintessential gold shade, which is bright and reflective; reflecting light and giving a transluscent quality to a scene.  Sharon finished her picture with oil pastels, over the gold, to give more texture to the foreground.  Sharon has many strings to her bow, creating scarves and jewellery.


Screen shot of Stage 1  After the first watercolour washes and adding scrunched cling film to give a 'ploughed' effect in the field area ...

You can also see how Sharon used a lettering tool to emboss the name on to the Tor.  So effective!




The finished scene of "Glastonbury Tor", with a bare-branched tree and a scattering of wild flowers for added interest.  You can see the effect of using tissue paper, cling film, oil pastels, and scratching with a porcupine quill to create the texture in the fields. 

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