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Fatima Pantoja

11 September 2021

A good start to our new 21/22 programme was made with a welcome to Fatima on zoom, who demonstrated a pen and wash still life of corn on the cob.

She started her demo by showing various mark-making techniques using Indian ink with a variety of tools including, brushes, a piece of shaved bamboo cane, pipettes, sponges and an old toothbrush.

The outline was drawn first using the bamboo, then tones were added with ink washes building up from light to dark.  She showed a useful technique of masking parts of the painting using a small cake candle then adding ink on top to create different lines and marks.  Patterns to signify the corn were created by scratching the paper into the ink and by using a felt tip lid to print circles by dipping it into ink.


Colour was then added using a wash of very weak blue, with yellow added for the green areas.

A blue splatter effect was added using the back of a toothbrush, to the background to connect the overall picture.

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