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Peter Keegan

9th April 2022

Impressionist Figures Scene in Oils

34 members attended the Zoom demo.  Peter is a very confident and interesting painter who gave us plenty of tips and ideas to bring the images together.

He prepared the canvas with a purple acrylic base.  Then he started by just lightly sketching with his brush to get the position and tones outlined.  Peter was using a 50 x 60 cm canvas but also uses MDF or plywood.  He advised us to use linseed when  outlining the subject at the start... then  plenty of paint on the brush to get a good flow.  He was using Rosemary & Co Hog Filbert brushes in size 2 and 10.  He never paints the sides of a canvas - but it is a matter of preference.

The colours he used for the demonstration were: Michael Harding Oils in - Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Permanent Rose, Amethyst, Ultramarine Purple, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Ivory Black.  He used Zestit Solvent and Linseed Oil as thinners.

Peter showed how to reinstate areas which got a little lost in the process, which unified the painting and allowed it all to be connected.  He suggested to take a break from painting every 20 minutes to stand back and evaluate the scene or composition.

As he said, it is not about copying a photo or scene, it is more to do with capturing a moment and a feeling!

First markings ....


Adding tones and highlights 


The finished painting



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