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Soraya French

14 January 2023

Our first meeting of 2023 was again well attended - everyone keen to see well-known multimedia artist, Soraya French in action!

Soraya was demonstrating in acrylics and mixed media today and started by giving an outline of the way she works and the materials and tools she prefers to use.  She showed us her sketched ideas for the painting, in this case a summer landscape with wild flowers in the foreground.  But she said that details might change or adapt as she works.

She used a variety of acrylic inks and paints, together with pastes and tissue paper to build up the scene in layers.  Usually she lets each layer dry thoroughly, before adding the next, but during a demonstration, she has to work a little quicker.  The background and foreground colours were blocked in first and then she painted over these, using a brush, palette knife or a roller, using negative shapes to denote the flowers.  She drew in the grass and flower stems with oil pastel or wax crayon, adding height to a few to give depth to the painting.  Finally, standing back, Soraya decided to add a few dots of vibrant pink to some of the flowers.  The result was stunning and her knowledge of her materials was excellent.  Soraya provided us with a very informative and creative demo. 

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