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Hilary Dancer

10 December 2022

The hall at the Parish Community Centre in Fleet was surprisingly packed for an Annual General Meeting.  But it might have been the added attraction of Hilary Dancer giving a demonstration of her amazing art work, after the official business, that brought everyone in!

Hilary only had about one hour to demonstrate her technique and skill, but we all were all fascinated as she worked from several photographs, using them as a guide only, to produce her version of a city at night.  She painted this time on mount paper, but said she often uses canvas or board.  She talked about perspective, finding the correct eye level and focal point. She outlined and built up the scene using acrylic paint and just a sponge roller and edges of card to show straight lines.  Even the figures were painted with pieces of plastic! She used a small brush and a white Posca pen for a few details and to adjust small areas.  At the end, Hilary also showed us a previously finished painting in the same style plus a still life using the same technique.  Many of us, I think, felt inspired to try this out for ourselves, but somehow we might not achieve the same stunning results!

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