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Rodney Kingston

13th April 2024

Rodney Kingston provided an informative and fascinating demo, painting a well-lit still-life in oils.  He used a pre-painted, dry stretched canvas which helps the paint 'move'. Zest-it oil paint medium was used to dilute the paint, as well as keeping brushes clean.

Blocking in areas, dark to light, working from large areas to small, he quickly developed the picture.  He added finer details once all areas had a base colour.

To define object edges he used a constant line, often using a metal ruler as a support to steady his hand.  To soften edges,  a dry brush or even an old credit card could be used.

The finished result was a perfect representation of the pots and an impressionistic image of the plant, which he was planning to add more detail to later.

One of our members said it was a very calm demo and she enjoyed the way Rodney took time to set up the arrangement of the still-life and explained how and why he was doing so.  SD

kingston 1_edited.jpg
kingstgon 2.jpg
kingston 7.jpg
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